Where Is It?

Where It Is


The Rocky Shore Marine Science Curriculum that I wrote last year in collaboration with the Seacoast Science Center and the New Hampshire Sea Grant is starting to go places!  Just recently it made itself home in the teacher resource center of the New England Aquarium.  It is also available at the Seacoast Science Center, and at the Seacoast Science Center’s website.


It can also be found at my Engage Your Students website and it has been accessed by several people from many countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, China, and more!

Where It Is Going

The curriculum will soon be flying to Atlanta, Georgia with Carol Steingart of Coast Encounters.  Atlanta is hosting this year’s National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA) “Share-A-Thon,” and I am so appreciative of Carol’s desire to share it with science teachers from acround the country!

I have thankfully had several requests for hard copies of the curriculum and will be snail-mailing them shortly.  Many New Hampshire schools have recently requested them, including East Kingston Elementary School, Saint Mary Academy, North Hampton Elementary School, and Hillsboro-Deering Elementary school.  Eliot Elementary School in Maine will also be getting a hard copy soon!

Image result for casco bay estuary partnership

The Casco Bay Estuary Partnership just recently contacted me as they have tremendous interest in the curriculum.  The tentative plan is share my curriculum with educators at the Brunswick High School on August 4th.  The curriculum will be available to participants during this summer professional development opportunity.

Where I Hope It Will Go

In efforts to spread the use of this curriculum, I am going to be contacting several aquariums and science centers on the Atlantic coast in hopes that they might house a copy or two of the curriculum at their facility.  I am hoping to have the curriculum available on multiple websites as well.

I have recently set up a Twitter account to spread the word of this curriculum, as well as to post topics about science at the elementary level, about inquiry-based instruction, and other topics revolving around elementary education and marine science.

Please consider helping me spread the word of this curriculum – the purpose behind its development was to offer a free resource to elementary teachers, and my hope is that it will be utilized by many educators and students across our state, region, and beyond!

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