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Organization Testimonials

“The Seacoast Science Center is thrilled to have collaborated with Thom on the new Rocky Shore Marine Science Curriculum, An Ecosystem Unit for Elementary Educators. Passion for inquiry and rocky shore ecology shine bright in this well-crafted and easy to implement NGSS and Ocean Literacy Principle-aligned document. Hands-on, inquiry-based lessons that are grounded in the seven Ocean Literacy Principles are key to daily operation here at our busy marine science education center. Thom’s collaborative and communicative style throughout the curriculum’s development and creation process resulted in a well-vetted and high quality curriculum that will be valuable to formal and informal educators alike.”

– Kate Leavitt, Director of Mission, Seacoast Science Center, Rye, NH

“Thom led a field program during a Casco Bay teachers workshop we organized in August 2018. The program included three lessons from his Rocky Shore Curriculum and his lessons were clear, engaging and inspiring. One of the teachers wrote in her evaluation, “Loved the outdoor session…and brought home the Rocky Shore Curriculum, which is super exciting.” Thom put a lot of thought and care into preparing the session, and used the time wisely to benefit the teachers. I would love to invite Thom back for follow-up workshops and his curriculum is a good model for how to incorporate the very challenging NGSS standards into place-based learning.”
-Victoria Boundy, Community Engagement Coordinator, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, Portland, Maine


“Finally, a science curriculum that includes Ocean Literacy!  Our Blue Ocean Planet is in the hands of the next generation. Ocean Literacy is the key to getting students educated by fostering a lasting and heartfelt connection, which then becomes the springboard for advocacy.”

– Carol Steingart, Owner, Coast Encounters, LLC, Wells, Maine

Educator Workshop Testimonials

“Thom was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic and students in general.  I can use his information to integrate science in my curriculum even though I don’t have a set science time.”

– Educator, Jacques Memorial Elementary School, Milford, NH

“I loved the inquiry-based focus (of Thom’s workshop).  Thom’s Rocky Shore Curriculum looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it!  I am definitely going to push for more time and commitment to science.  I am going to put more inquiry-based instruction into my format.”

– Educator, John H. Fuller Elementary School, Keene, NH

“The interaction between Thom and us was the best part of the workshop.  Thom was helpful by being open to answering several questions, and providing us with great information we can use in our classrooms.  My science curriculum will improve with all the new activities and strategies I can use with my science curriculum.”

– Educator, Heron Pond Elementary School, Milford, NH

“The depth of knowledge shared was very helpful.  Thom has a realistic view regarding what challenges teachers face.  I am really looking forward to trying activities from the Ecosystem Unit.  It looks awesome!

– Educator, Milford School District


College Seminar Testimonials

“Collaborating with Thom this semester enhanced the students’ learning experience in the course. They had the opportunity to hear another perspective about the importance of supporting inquiry learning in the primary grades. Thom’s experiences helped them to reflect on their practice and consider how they might integrate some of these ideas into their science teaching.”

– Dr. Elisabeth Johnston, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction,                        Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH

“When I conversed with Thom Smith about the integrated unit that I was planning for my student teaching, he was very informative and helpful in providing me with suggestions and details to add to my activities that really made my unit more engaging and fun! I am very grateful for his help!”

– Jordan Murphy, Plymouth State University Student Teacher