The MainStreet Marketplace and Gallery: The Place to Be


Have you ever discovered an amazing place and you have torn emotions of selfishly wanting to keep it to yourself, yet unselfishly wanting to shout your discovery from the rooftops?  I recently made this type of discovery while searching for a place to work on my sabbatical project.  Despite selfishly desiring to wait until my sabbatical year was over to exclaim my find, I could not in good conscience keep my discovery a secret.


So far I have managed to work in a hodgepodge of settings, yet one stands out as the premier place to be productive.  The MainStreet Bookends of Warner is a great bookstore…no, a FANTASTIC bookstore.  Katharine Nevins and her family have created an incredible business that has wonderful products, delightful ambience, and without a doubt the friendliest service around.  But there is an out-in-the-open secret that is rarely tapped of its sweet goodness cozied up to the back of this bookstore: The MainStreet Marketplace and Gallery.

The Marketplace and Gallery is an ideal location if you are seeking out a quiet and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.  Here is a list of the many attributes this bookstore hideaway has to offer:

  1. Seating – several beautiful tables and chairs to choose from
  2. Artwork – several local artists’ illustrations and handcrafted items line the walls
  3. Coffee – delicious coffee from the Woodshed Roasting Company along with fresh half & half from the Contoocook Creamery is available with a $2 donation
  4. Quiet – away from noisy traffic and the hustle and bustle of in-and-out customers you will find rare and invaluable tranquility
  5. Wi-Fi – a strong internet connection awaits to provide your connectivity needs
  6. Setting – the lighting and artistic surroundings provide a cozy and peaceful locale
  7. Events – amazing authors and talented musicians visit here often

So…as much as I’d like to keep this place to myself and its loyal guests, you REALLY should visit the MainStreet Marketplace and Gallery if you are seeking a beautiful and serene place to work, read, and write, or a place to relax with a friend.

You will be thrilled if you do!


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