Dear Teacher (on the first day of school)

School starts today for students in the Kearsarge Regional School District in New Hampshire.  For many around the country school has either begun or will begin soon.  The following is a letter that could have been written by millions across the country to their educators:

Dear Teacher,

My feelings are all mixed up inside.
I’m somewhat excited yet want to hide
From what might happen at school today –
How can you scare my fears away?

The clothes I paid for this summer are good
And the backpack I purchased does what it should.
I bought extra supplies if there is a need –
Hopefully these will help to succeed.

Friendships are forming and they may last.
Last year’s bumps are a thing of the past.
But can you assure me you will do your best
To turn mistakes into success?

When small or big triumphs come into view
Will you celebrate what I needed you to?
When struggles or victories come about
Will you withhold it from me or share it out?

So much is in the news these days –
Bullying, shootings, testing for grades…
I need you to keep the school safe from harm
And know what to do if there is alarm.

School used to be listening, sitting, and such
And memorization (but not speaking so much).
Discovery, creations, and sharing worldviews –
Can you make this a part of learning, too?

Dear teacher…my son starts school today.
I need you to treat him in a special way
Because he’s the world – everything to me –
And you are responsible for him, you see.

You are his mentor and he is my heart.
Your job is to help him understand he is smart.
Please help him to know how to grow and grow others –
We can help him the most if we help one another.


  1. Hi, THom. Did you write this special poem? It’s great. This must be a strange yet wonderful year for you since you aren’t in the classroom on a daily basis. God bless your adventure!


    1. Yes, Barb, I did write this. Being a parent of 5 kids starting at a new school this year, and having been a teacher to amazing students, I felt the strong desire to write this. Glad you enjoyed it – let me know if you want any collaboration over at LCA!


  2. Thom, it is a great poem! You really captured the perspective of a student starting a new year. I missed you today; hope all is well!


  3. Ahhh, those first days of school are so very special and important. I love this, Thom! Hope you and your family have an amazing school year.


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